Powell Pediatric Dentistry – West Fresno, California

At Powell Pediatric Dentistry, we specialize in making seeing the dentist and receiving treatment fun, educational, and stress-free for the children of West Fresno, California. It takes a specially trained dentist and staff to make up a great pediatric dental office. Our dentists have gone to at least 2 years of extra training after dental school to learn how to best handle children with behavioral issues and extreme dental work on children.

In our office, we have all different types of child patients, from infants who have just started teething, children with special needs and disabilities, and even 17-year-olds! Pediatric dentists aren’t just for toddlers, we recommend being able to treat your child throughout their adolescent years. Having one dentist for childhood makes the patient grow up having only good experiences at the dentist.

To ensure that your child has a great time in our office and the dental chair, we do some extra steps that other non-pediatric dentists might not do including:

Constant entertainment options from the waiting room to the chair while receiving treatment. Televisions and Ipads are there for the child to play games or watch their favorite movie.

For young children, we have a teach-show-do method, where we teach what the treatment will consist of, then we show the tools, then we do! It helps calm the child when the instruments are in their mouth.

Because we love our patients, at the end of every visit, we let each child pick out a book and a balloon to go home with them.

West Fresno California

Fresno County

Being located in the Fresno County of California has allowed us to meet and interact with amazing children and families that reside here. Residents love Fresno due to its beautiful surroundings of nature and the many options for entertainment. We are looking forward to the many more families we will meet and the dental care we will give to their children.

New to Fresno County? Well, Welcome! Finding a new dentist in a new area can be challenging and stressful. At Powell Pediatric Dentistry we make everything easy and stress-free and perform all dental work professionally and quickly. If you would like to know more about our services, please give us a call!