Dental Cleanings and Exams for Children powell pediatric dentistry dentist in clovis californiaOne of the biggest reasons for coming to the dentist is to get a professional deep cleaning and examination from the dentist to make sure your teeth are healthy. At Powell Pediatric Dentistry our dentists recommend bringing your child to get a cleaning and examination twice a year. If you’re in need of a Dental Cleanings & Exams for your Children in Fresno County, please contact one of our offices.


Professional Cleanings

At your child’s first regular appointment with us, depending on your child’s age, we will explain and show how cleaning is done to help eliminate any fear or anxiety. By introducing the tools and how they work will make the child more comfortable in the chair and with instruments in their mouths.

The purpose of professional cleaning is to help remove all built-up and excess plaque that has been left behind during regular bi-daily cleaning by the patient. In our office, we are all about preventative dentistry by helping teach our patients how to better brush their teeth and why it’s important.

Our dentists and staff are trained to handle behavioral issues and nervous children during deep cleanings. We make it a priority to make cleanings light and fun to calm patients but perform quickly and professionally.



Once the cleaning is complete, your child will be seen by the dentist for a full examination of the teeth and gums. Our dentists at Powell Pediatric Dentistry love children and have dedicated their lives to creating a positive dental experience for the children of Fresno County, California.

Children’s dental exams in Fresno consist of the dentist visually looking and feeling each tooth for signs of cavities or other dental issues. Suggestion exams twice a year make it easy for the dentist to catch cavities early which prevents them from growing and causing a bigger problem.

Professional dental cleanings & exams for children are the best way to help prevent your child from having major dental problems while learning and developing excellent oral health habits. Please contact us if your child is due for their dental exam and cleaning in Fresno! We are also accepting new patients at Powell Pediatric Dentistry.